9 Responses to Are you ready for I’m an Engineer?

  1. 813envc42 says:

    I want to learn about enginers!!!!!1

  2. 813envc42 says:


  3. nicolaasker says:

    Hi 813envc42! I’m sure if you keep reading all the questinos being posted in the different zones you’ll have learned loads about engineers by the end of the fortnight! If there’s anything you particularly want to know then ask us your questions 🙂

  4. 362envc33 says:

    Hi when I’m older I want to be an engineer any pointers for inside and outside of school to get stuck in.

    • 866envc38 says:

      Study physics and technology or maths for gcse and a level m8

    • nicolaasker says:

      You could also start trying to work out now which areas interest you the most by finding engineers you can speak to in person who work in different industries. Also get your brain working by trying out experiments or designing things yourself!

  5. 866envc38 says:

    yo dats sick man.

  6. 672envc38 says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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